Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

Wow! It's been a REALLY busy week... We officially moved and unpacked enough to have a functional household in two days. It's been a little over a week now and the walls are decorated, area rugs are put out, and I've even completed my first round of mopping the hardwood floors dusting, and vacuuming. All while keeping up with school, going to doctor visits for Jerry and wrangling our very busy toddler.

Joliebean LOVES our new house. She gets to run around freely now. : ) Outside is her absolute favorite place. Everytime a door opens she runs to it... when it closes, it's a 20 minute tantrum. When we decide to brave the cold, she likes to hang out on the side walk and patio. Funny child... Jolie refuses to get on the grass! She enjoys playing in her very own bedroom now. She has a new Tinkerbell bed and toy box. The room is decorated in pretty pink, purple, and green dragonflies. It's soon to be completed with pretty pink curtains. (Many thanks to Grandma and Poppa) Jerry's "man room"/office/Jolie's toy room still needs some unpacking, but we got a bookshelf in it today and it's coming along nicely.

Jerry has been a busy guy puting together shelves and lamps for me. He and our friend, Jeremy, made several large trips and moved everything. He's been keeping up with school and working more for the radio station. I'm really impressed with how well he and Jolie have gotten along lately, too. Through all the tantrums and time outs, he still keeps his cool and is the best father ever to Jolie.

Also, in the last couple of weeks, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Still as smart as before, tho! I've had a very difficult time with them. Dry socket is not an enjoyable thing. : (

Grandma Altmiller was my favorite person of the day today. I have a problem with interior decorating. I'm incapable of it... So, she took me curtain shopping! I now have beautiful curtains for about every room in our home. I can't wait to put them up! Thanks again Grandma, from ALL of us!!!

All in all, we've been very busy and it's amazing that we are able to find time for ourselves. Even with all of the chaos lately, Jerry and I are doing spectacularly. Our relationship continues to grow and he is still the best fiance ever. I have complete confidence that our marriage will be even better!


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